About The Line

This line was initially created by founder Amy Sweetman. She states, "I used the development of this line as a coping mechanism when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. As long as I focused on developing the line, the sadness could not consume me."

You will notice that the key elements of the line are the brain, heart and spine. 


The heart represented emotional feelings.   The brain represents Amy's work, as she is a professor of psychology and focuses on neuroscience.  And finally, the spine represents the knowledge that ultimately the only person who will always be there for us is ourselves, so we must have courage to be true to the "one person who hears every thought that we think and every word that we say."


Each of the intial pieces in the line has a quote that was written by Amy, she used them as reflections to deal with her situation. However, the final piece in the inital line was Time. The hourglass with the brain and the heart. Time is the Panacea for the Heart and the Mind.

Since its beginnings, the line is constantly evolving, we have added people to the company and fresh ideas are being generated. Our mission is to create things that are science oriented, meaningful and unique. We try to take part in conventions and festivals where we know that we will find artistic, creative, intellectuals who can inspire us with new visions.


Some of our greatest ideas have been generated from our loyal customers, so please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve our brand.


Viscerally Yours,




Amy Sweetman