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This game is the psychology based version of monopoly. Each of the property cards belong to a famous historical psychologist and they include background information about the property owner. The pieces were hand sculpted and cast in pewter and include: Maslow's pyramid, Freud's couch, an antipsychotic bottle, the Psi symbol, a lab rat (maybe it was Little Alberts), and of course a brain. You can visit the ethics board, Jung's Archetypal gallery, Erickson's psychosocial stage, James's Stream of Consciousness and much more. However hopefully you will not have to go to the asylum, but if you do, there is always a chance for Free Therapy. The game comes with money, dice, community service cards, synchronicity cards and our amazing one of a kind collectible playing pieces. It is packaged in a 20 by 10 inch box. It is shipped in a USPS priority game box. It will arrive within 2 -3 days of you placing the order (for the United States) We apologize but we cannot ship this internationally as there is too much risk involved with loss.