Phineas Gage key chain

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This is an incredible 3-D view of the famous Phineas Gage case. It measures approximately 1.25 inches in height and 1 inch in circumference. It is made from lead free safe pewter. It is accompanied by a card that explains the significance of the case. It hangs from a steel standard size key ring. The tragic accident of Phineas Gage in Vermont 1848 is probably the most well known case study in Psychology. An explosion propelled a metal rod into his left cheek area through the top of his skull, destroying much of his left frontal lobe. The accident was not immediately fatal and he was able to resume life for 11 years, however his personality was permanently altered. Although not immediately, this case provided great insight into the functioning of the brain and its role in personality. The keychain is accompanied with an informational card that details the case and has a quote from his doctor Henry Martin Harlow.

  • Full 3-D rendition of the famous Phineas Gage case
  • Lead Free Safe Pewter solid cast
  • Standard size Stainless Steel key ring
  • Packaged in The Psych Store Logo box with informational card
  • Great Gift for your Psychology Enthusiast One of a kind