Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Pin

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Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy is an iconic symbol in the field of psychology. Every Psychology student has been exposed to the famous hierarchy of needs which states that we must have our basic needs satisfied before we can progress to fulfilling our higher level needs. The field of Humanistic psychology believes in free will and the power of our choices. We made a bold beautiful representation of the Hierarchy for all the Humanistic psychologists of the world to wear on their jackets, lanyards or bags. It features bright, bold colors with a gold background. It measures 1.25 inches and is cast in alloy metal. The color and quality is exceptional. It has a butterfly clutch closure on the back. It is packaged on our original art card in a small kraft box. It would make a nice award for classroom game events or gift for your favorite psychology enthusiast.

  • Nice detailed image of the famous Maslow's Hierarchy pyramid. High quality, stylish pin.
  • It can be worn as a pin on any type of clothing.
  • It closes in the back with a butterfly clutch that holds it securely
  • The pin is nicely packaged on a cardboard card in a small box.
  • It would make a great award for any education event or for a psychology lover.