Clitoris socks

  • $10.00

Show your love for the clitoris with our one of a kind clitoris socks.  These socks feature different characters in our short clitoris book that accompanies our plush doll.  The socks include hidden clitoris (most of the clitoris is located within the female body), Super clitoris (Did you know that the clitoris has no other known role for the female except pleasure and that it never gets to old or too tired to play?) and hooded clitoris.   The clitoris comes in all different shapes, sizes, and sensitivity levels, but it is always there for us. It is truly our superpower feel good friend. The socks are made of a soft cotton blend and they have vivid colors.  What a great conversation starter! They are one size fits all and rise below mid-calf.  They come packaged with our cute informational book.  They would make such a great gift for a bachelor or bachelorette party.   Also, how cool would it be for a man to wear these?