Men of Science Poster

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We are proud to offer this Men of Science Poster. It is our original artwork. We have two versions of this poster. An 18 by 24 inch poster and a 13 by 19 inch poster. They are of of excellent quality The paper is printed on acid free cover stock and its matte finish colors are exceptional. It features five notable men scientists: Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Neils Bohr. We hope that it will serve as an inspiration for the love of science. Please determine your preference for lower cost or higher quality when making your choice between the two versions.

  • Features our original artwork of five notable men scientists Measures 18 by 24 inches or 13 by 19 inches. Please choose the size that best fits your spatial needs.
  • Very colorful art work to brighten any area and inspire the love of science.
  • It will be packaged in a poster tube which will keep it safe from any travel damage.