Nine women of Science magnet set

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This magnet set features nine notable women scientists: Ada Lovelace (computer programming), Marie Curie (Radiation) , Rosalind Franklin (DNA research), Mae Jemison (Astronaut), Rita Levi-Montalcini (Neuroscientist), Maria S. Merian (Scientific illustrator), Chien-Shiung Wu (Radiation/Uranium), Jane Goodall (primatologist) and Rachel Carson (Environmentalist). Each magnet features our orignial artwork. There are nine magnets included and each of the magnets measures approximately 2.3 by 1.3 inches. Each magnet is made of 1/8 inch acrylic with full sheet magnetic backing. They are packaged in a beautiful rectangular acrylic case and they would make an impressive gift item. The back of each case features a decal which summarizes information about each woman. All the magnets are very colorful and they could easily brighten up any magnet surface area.