Famous Scientist Tote bag

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This is our two sided tote bag that is made of heavy duty high quality canvas. On one side we have the Women of Science and on the other the Men of Science. We have two sizes of this tote bag.  The small version is  13.5 by 19 inches and the large version is 19 inches by 15 inches by 4 inches. Our Women of Science image includes:Ada Lovelace (computer programming), Marie Curie (Radioactivity), Rachel Carson (environmental research) , Rosalind Franklin (DNA research), Mae Jemison (astronaut), Our Men of Science image includes: Charles Darwin (Evolution), Nikola Tesla (Engineer/Inventor) Albert Einstein, (Theory of relativity) Isaac Newton (gravity), Neils Bohr (atom model). The colors are high quality and vibrant. This is original artwork produced by Anatomology. It would make a great gift for your favorite science enthusiast.