Periodic table of elements scarf

  • $19.00

The periodic table of elements continuously evolves and is used to predict the behaviors of various interactions. This is our tribute to the monumental chart. Our goal at anatomology is to design science-based products that are beautiful and functional. They let you express and show to the world what you enjoy focusing on in life and just how complex your mind is. We have made two versions of this scarf. This one is a brighter blue with a gradient that goes to white in the middle. It features various chemistry apparatus. It is made of modal material, which is soft and elegant, but it is machine washable and if it gets wrinkled, then you can just spritz water on it and throw it in the dryer and it will smooth out within minutes. It is a scarf that can be worn with jeans or an elegant dress. It measures 200 cm by 70 cm which is around 140 inches by 30 inches. We have sewn it together on the sides due to the image being slightly different on the back (lighter shade). So, the final size is around 140 inches by 15 inches.